Photo by Tribuna Maresme

Photo by Tot Mataró

Felicitas presents ZAHA collection at Nau Gaudí in Mataró

An extraordinary woman pays homage to another extraordinary woman. Zaha Collection exhibition by the hairdresser Felicitas Ordás recalls the great architectural works of Zaha Hadid at Nau Gaudí in Mataró (Barcelona).

Supported as always by Revlon Professional, her team and many colleagues, Felicitas was exultant at the inauguration of the exhibition that returns to her city, Mataró, the collection she presented during the Alternative Hair Show at the Royal Albert Hall of London and with that participated in the show of avant-garde Effervescene. “Mataró is where the collection was born. “It is an honor for me to present it here”, Felicitas explained. The act did not lack the mayor of Mataró, David Bote, who knew the collection along with Felicitas.

Felicitas made an emotional presentation about who Zaha Hadid was, why she took it as inspiration and how was the creative work. The idea came up in a meal with Miquel Garcia Cotado (Revlon Professional), after knowing that she had been chosen to participate in the Alternative Hair Show – the first Spanish woman to get it – when Miquel told her about Zaha and her influential work, and how the trajectory of the two artists were similar. From there began a deep research process in order to transfer Zaha’s essence to the hair. Of course the challenge was not simple!

Zaha was the first woman to win the world’s most important architectural award, the Pritzer Prize. “She used to work with organic forms and white was very characteristic in her work” said Felicitas. The exhibition consists of five works representing five of the most representative constructions of Zaha: Galaxy Soho Beijing, Heydar Aliyev Center Baku, Serac Bench, Unique Circle Yatchs for Blohm+Vossy Casa Atlántica Rio. Each work has two stories behind it: Zaha And Felicita’s stories.

In addition, this is a new proof of the link between hairdressing and art. Zaha Collection will be exhibited at Nau Gaudí in Mataró until June 18, 2017. And it is not just another place, but it is the first work built by Antonio Gaudí, where is permanently put up the Bassat collection of Contemporary Art.

Written by Bel M. DollaEstetica Modacabello