• Felicitas and Mikel Luzea

  • Felicitas with Management Board team

    Jorge Cáncer, Alfonso Martínez, Víctor Alonso and Mikel Luzea

Felicitas becomes Club Fígaro’s New President

The renowned Spanish hairstylist Felicitas Ordás, 2014 Spanish Hairdresser of the Year, receive the baton from Mikel Luzea, who has been the president of Club Fígaro from its foundation. This year ended the period of validity of the commitee and last 15th November the Club announced the call of elections.

Finally, only Felicitas Ordás presented a list of candidates and 15th December she was named new president. Felicitas Ordás is accompanied in her candidature by Mikel Luzea, Jorge Cáncer, Alfonso Martínez and Víctor Alonso.